Shaniqua Browne's Success Accelerator Testimonial

November 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Shaniqua Browne

Please introduce yourself.

Shaniqua Browne: Hi, everyone. My name is Shaniqua Brown and I am a student at Toronto Metropolitan University and I am majoring in child and youth care and I volunteer with kids and youth, um, within the GT A. Um, and that's what I do partially now. And I also, um, I'm a part of a committee, um, within my school as well as, um, you know, being an ambassador for other youths within, um, the community. And, yeah, that's what I mostly what I do now.

What does Success mean to you?

Shaniqua Browne: So um success can mean a variety of things, um particularly in a nutshell, just um what it means to me is just self evolution. Um That could mean like incrementally getting yourself closer to a goal that you have or that you want to achieve within life that can be, you know, big or small. And I think that it's important to reduce the, so um the impact that societal contracts um have, you know, placed upon us when it comes to success, you know, only deucing it to, you know, financial um successes or financial abundance when that's not always the case, you can be successful in your own, right? And you know, it, it, it is a broad term, but I do think that, you know, success um and all in all is just what you, when you're able to, you know, take yourself from a really bad situation, your adversities and, you know, pull yourself together um successfully. And I think that, you know, we don't give yourself enough credit for that. So success is very important to me and I think that it is defined not by, you know, societal um you know, contracts, but you know, what do you think it is for yourself?

What is your experience like participating in the Success Accelerator's Program?

Shaniqua Browne: Yeah. So I just wanna, I, I can speak volumes about the, the ways in which um Success Accelerator has helped me um throughout my physical um health and my emotional health um frame of mind and helping to reframe my mindset as well. Um I think that it is important not to overlook the importance of um inclusion, not just integration when it comes to you centered spaces. And um it has really been positively impactful towards my life um towards the way how I treat people to have that compassionate and empathetic um side to, to things. And um that's the way that it should be and it should have always been. So I wanna thank Success Accelerator for, you know, making me feel included.

How has the Success Accelerator helped you?

Shaniqua Browne: So, yeah, like I was saying, like Success Accelerator has helped me as a person to um you know, grasp that level of emotional intelligence. When it comes to being in a widely um multicultural world. Um as a melanated person myself, I wanna extend that same empathy towards others and um just even my, my whole mindset, even um the way how I view things now, the information that I receive from programs to help me as a person um to self progress and that can look different for everyone. But for me, I think that it has definitely aided um in the way that I, I view life now as a whole and the ways in which I can contribute my passions um to help anyone um in terms of goal setting, which is a major one for everyone. Um I think that is the, the most um influential part of Success Accelerator for me, as well as you know, making me being self aware of the society that I live in.

Tell us about how you've already applied something you've got from a Success Accelerator Program into your life and the impact it has.

Shaniqua Browne: One major thing that I have already um included into my life from Success Accelerator is precisely the Big Rocks, small rocks um whole concept and metaphor. Um I think it's easy for everyone to just, you know, um thrust themselves into roles uh me in particular. So um I've really had a hard time deciphering what is important in prioritizing things that are, you know, can be left on the back burner. But um just, you know, manage these two things um simultaneously, it's really hard and I think the metaphor um identifying my big rocks, what do, what is necessary does this need to, to be done right now? Um Can I save this for later? Um And that has helped me tremendously in my school and work life as well as just knowing how to um proportion my time with my family as well as, you know, things that I, you know, can definitely wait. Um You know, it's not as uh as important. So I think that deciphering and understanding this has helped me within my own personal life.

Would you recommend Success Accelerator to peers? Please tell us more!

Shaniqua Browne: When it comes to recommending success, accelerated to my peers or just um people in general, of course, I will. Um I think that it's so refreshing. Um I can't stress it enough that um how included, I, I felt a part of the community, how, you know, it's almost easy because of the genuine nature that each and every one of the team members has showed me um throughout all the, all the programs that I've been a part of and it's easy to say that, you know, that is, you know, the distinct difference with like Success Accelerator. But when it's, it, it radiates through the brand, it radiates through the team members that I've met. And um you know, I'm trying not to get emotional because it's like, you know, when you're directionless and, you know, you don't have anyone to mentor you or to coach you and to let you feel included within spaces. Um It's also, it's just a natural um occurring, occurring thing when it comes to Success Accelerator. And I think everyone should strive for that level of um inclusion when it comes to not only in, you know, smaller groups, but for the expansion. So of course, um this would be a program that I will most definitely recommend um for people who, who need a space to, to, to feel welcomed and also to in the process and simultaneously um learn um ongoing things, insightful content about how you can, you know, have a clear linkage from your life to, to, you know, what is going on within society, even technological um processes. And I was also a laptop recipient and I cannot tell you how that has been a um a financial ease for me within my school life. Um as well as, you know, not just struggling emotionally, but also um just helping you to feel included overall and it can be tough. So, um having this space has definitely been, you know, instrumental for, you know, life's challenges and yeah, thank you so much. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone, everyone, even strangers, anyone um within my space, I would definitely recommend this program.

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