Heper USA LLC Video Testimonial

July 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mert Erdogan, COO, HEPER USA LLC

State your name and tell us about your business in under 1 minute.

Mert Erdogan: Hello, this is Mert Erdogan. Over the years, we have worked with attorney Ili Subhan and his legal team at so law office a number of times and each of those times they not only provided successful results but also great experiences. Initially, we had a very tough one L-1 new office application for our small to mid size company, which required a lot of extensive work and making sure everything was done right. That made our initial search for for an immigration attorney very stressful. But the minute I sat down with attorney Ili Subhan I felt that I was in the right hands and my company was in the right hands. So over the years, they have handled our initial L-1 case along with multiple renewals. And, we are still working on other cases with them and each of those times, as I said, I feel like I'm in the best hands possible and I strongly support anybody's decision in working with Subhan Law Office in their immigration journey because they're not only incredibly professional, they are also incredibly caring and you will feel that you're in the right hands also.

Why did you choose to work with us?

Mert Erdogan: Initially, we had a challenging L-1 new office case due to the nature of our business and our company being small to mid size. It was obvious that we needed to work with an experienced and caring immigration attorney. And I have talked with a number of immigration lawyers and it just didn't feel right. But the minute I sat down with attorney Ili Subhan and he explained to me the process and what we were looking at, I realized that we were in the right hands and over the years, a number of time it was proven.

What is the best thing about our service and would you recommend Subhan Law to others?

Mert Erdogan: The process of immigration cases can be daunting, it can be very stressful. I've been there. That's why you really, really need an immigration attorney that knows what they're doing. And, that's what I found in attorney Ili Subhan and his legal team at Subhan Law Office. But to me what sets them apart from other successful and established immigration attorneys is how caring they are because yes, you need somebody with the experience and knows what they're doing, making sure that they're doing everything right. But at the same time, the waiting times are too long, the process is very stressful, so you also need someone that is caring and answering your questions and making you feel like you made sure that you made the, you feel like you made the right decision by handing them your case and you are in the right hands. And that's what I found with Subhan Law Office over the years and we have worked with them multiple times and each of those times they provided not only successful results, but also great experiences

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