Austen Hartley Testimonial

May 10, 2023

E-2 visa testimonial for Subhan Law Office

Video Transcript

Speaker: Austen Hartley, CEO, Crate3D LLC

State your name and tell us about your business in under 1 minute.

Austen Hartley: Hey there. My name is Austin Hartley. I own Crate3D. We are an engineering, design, and 3D printing studio. Now we used to be located in Canada. But thanks to the help of Ili ("Ali") and his team, we were able to successfully get our E-2 visa, which helped us relocate to the United States, which is where we are right now. We're in our new office here in New York City. Ili, thank you so much. I highly recommend working with Ili and his team. They took care of all of the hard, intimidating things and all I really had to do was show up and fill in the blanks. So if we need to work again with immigration and visas, I know exactly who I'm coming to. Thank you guys so much and we'll see you again.

Why did you choose to work with us?

Austen Hartley: I chose to work with Subhan Law because when I was searching around for someone to help us with our E-2 Visa, I spoke to three or four firms. And honestly, I just had the best response, the best quote, the best feedback from Ili and his team. So the decision was pretty easy and we are super thrilled with how everything went.

What is the best thing about our service and would you recommend Subhan Law to others?

Austen Hartley: The best thing about working with Ili and his team was that all of the complicated legal stuff that means nothing to me as an engineer, his team took care of all of that stuff and I was able to just kind of fill in the blanks and add the information that I already knew and already had on hand. So Ili and his team took care of pretty much everything. We checked every box that there was and we got the E-2 visa with absolutely no problem.

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