Andrew Dalamba for Video Testimonials

July 20, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Andrew Dalamba, Pearlgate Investments, LLC

State your name and tell us about your business in under 1 minute.

Andrew Dalamba: Hello, my name is Andrew Dalamba and my company is called Pearlgate Investments, LLC. We are a real estate investment company based out of Ohio and my wife and I have been working closely with Ili Subhan and Subhan Law for the past little bit over a year now on our E-2 Visa, which we are proud and happy to report - we have successfully now received approval for and we are just endlessly grateful and appreciative to Subhan Law for their amazing support that they've provided through this process. They've truly gone above and beyond and I can wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone that needs any level of assistance with immigration services.

Why did you choose to work with us?

Andrew Dalamba: There were a few reasons that we chose to work with Subban Law. But the main one was the fact that after one meeting with Ili Subhan, I had more clarity about what really is the best visa for my family to pursue in our situation and realistically, are we going to be successful in obtaining that visa. Ili was able to very quickly hone in on understanding what is my situation, where am I trying to go, what am I trying to accomplish and, give me very clear direction and advice about what visa we ought to be pursuing as well as give us confidence in his ability to successfully help us to obtain that visa. And that was something that I just simply didn't get from from any other attorneys on the level that I got it from Ili Subhan, just extremely knowledgeable, extremely professional, and extremely efficient at just providing direction for where we needed to go and helping us to get this whole process across the finish line.

What is the best thing about our service and would you recommend Subhan Law to others?

Andrew Dalamba: The best thing about working with Subhan Law is just how incredibly knowledgeable and professional Ili Subban is. There were a number of aspects of our case that were quite complicated. And, I do feel that most other attorneys would have really struggled to successfully present our case in a way that would have got us the result that we wanted. And, there were also just a number of times throughout the process because this is also during lockdowns, and border closures, and all kinds of things changing there in the U.S. So there were a number of times through the process where I, you know, I was almost expecting this isn't gonna work out or I would have thought that something would have derailed this whole process and just Ili Subhan just at no point lost confidence in where we were going. you know, at every moment at every step of the way he knew exactly what to do. If there was a situation, we had a situation come up during interview that had us a little bit concerned and you know, he was just immediately able to respond, get answers, give us some peace of mind at a moment where we desperately needed it, and, you know, just make sure that we didn't miss anything through the process. So if I had to summarize the best thing about working with Ili Subhan is that I could just take this massive dump of complicated information and you know, a complicated situation to be in and say, hey, here's where I want to go and his office was able to take all the complicated stuff and all we had to do is just basically show up, sign some papers, you know, answer some questions during an interview and which we were completely prepared for thanks to him and you know, we got exactly the result that we wanted. So, yeah, God bless you, Ili Subhan. You're an absolute master at what you do! And, we are eternally grateful.

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