Olivia Reid

June 14, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Olivia Reid

What has Student Dream helped you to do?

Olivia Reid: Hey, I'm Olivia and I actually signed up for student dreams, Music and money program on a whim last year, it was the end of my senior year and I was just looking for something fun to do to kill time on the days that I wasn't working. Um, and in return I received an experience that wasn't just fun, but an experience that I feel has truly changed my life for the better. You know, First and foremost I'm creative, I'm an artist, um, and participating in this program was the first time that I've ever really seen myself as an artist. Um, and the first time that I feel like I've given myself permission to claim making music as my dream. You know, at the time I was wrestling with a lot of uncertainty about college and my future. Um, you know, I was feeling drawn to pursuing a creative career, but at the same time, knowing there was no guarantee that I would be financially stable in doing that. And participating in the music and money program has not only made me feel confident in my ability and potential to make money as an artist, but also just generally, I feel confident in my ability to be financially healthy regardless of the career that I choose to pursue. You know, I feel like I've been empowered with the tools two make my finances work for me and also given the opportunity to take a hard look at myself and, you know, ask, you know, what are my values, what do I want out of my life and redefine success based on that and create a financial plan based on that so that I can live the life that I want to live. And I feel incredibly blessed to be able to have that privilege to have that access to that knowledge, thanks to student dream.

How would you describe Student Dream in three words?

Olivia Reid: three words I would use to describe student dreams are impactful, um, necessary and community.

Why is Student Dream different from other similar programs or services?

Olivia Reid: I think the main thing that sets student dream apart is the emphasis on community, um you know, you can receive financial advice from anywhere from any source, um but what makes student dreams special is how much of a community we build over the course of the program, You know, these aren't just random people that are learning the same information at the same time as you. Um these are people that you're on a journey with, people you're connected to, and I feel like that's really important something and it's something that our society at large is lacking, Like we're so individualistic and so like self focused, especially when it comes to um monetary goals. It's always about the self and student dream really focuses on creating a unit and a cohesion within um are groups that I find really important and special.

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