Steph Bigue for B2B Services Reviews

October 05, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Steph Bigue, CEO, Manyways

What was the main challenge you needed to overcome with STS ?

Steph Bigue: um, the first main challenge that we needed to overcome was flexibility. So I'm the ceo of a tech startup and our team, especially early stages, sometimes had a ton of QA work to do, um, and didn't have the capacity for it internally. Um, and there were other months where we didn't have any, and so having STS by our side was invaluable because they would jump in and out depending on whatever we needed. The second thing was we needed quality QA work done. And it's really hard to come back. And I've been working with STS for years and I knew that they were the guys for the world. We needed to make sure that we were delivering a quality product to our first and earliest customers. And to this day nothing's changed. We continue to come to STS because we need to ensure that all of the great dev work that's been done is rigorously tested and I don't know anybody else that does it like that.

Could you describe a time that STS helped your business, including any metrics that come to mind?

Steph Bigue: Yeah, something that comes to mind is um we had uh deliverable for health Canada with a really short timeline that we had to nail and um sts came through and in two days had found over, I think was 100 bugs and not only that, but I've gone above and beyond just the regular Q weighing work and had provided a ton of really thoughtful recommendations, UX recommendations that we ended up employing down the road. And I remember being really blown away. Not only do they save our butts and ensure that our our delivery was excellent and it was very well received, but they went above and beyond and helped us improve our product.

What has been the most significant impact of working with STS?

Steph Bigue: Yeah, I think the most significant impact that SCS has had on our business has resulted in us feel like very relieved, but it comes from us knowing that they're on our bench and allowing us to work in a very agile fashion and allowing our developers and designers to move quickly. Um and that's made the work a lot more fun for everybody because everybody is focusing on what they love doing. And it's also stripped away a lot of the fear of deploying software that isn't great because whenever something doesn't work, or sometimes when, you know, things aren't perfectly logical, sts always catches it. And so really they've been a very foundational part two are part of our team and um they just provide us with the assurance that we need that we're developing high quality software.

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