Meet Kailen Wilkerson

November 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kailen Wilkerson


Kailen Wilkerson: Hi, everyone. I'm Kaylyn Wilkerson. I'm one of the software consultants at Streamline Vacation rental software. I've been in the industry for two years, having experience in marketing, web development, property management software and being able to combine all of that knowledge and serve our clients. I'm thrilled to be a part of such a strong culture at Streamline and looking forward to being here many years.

What do you enjoy most about working at Streamline?

Kailen Wilkerson: What I love most about working at Streamline is our company culture. Um There's nothing like going to work every day and having a team there to support you. And I think that company culture is what makes a company succeed. When you have a good army of people fighting for the same success and fighting to improve themselves every day. We're able to deliver on that to our clients.

What do you like doing outside of work?

Kailen Wilkerson: What do I like doing outside of work? That's a great question. I'm pretty boring. I enjoy to go to the gym. I've always been um into sports my entire life. Probably the reason why I chose the career path that I did in sales because I'm a very competitive person and I seek to win and seek for solutions. You can probably find me watching the Ravens game on a Sunday. And I would say the third thing is travel. Um which is another reason why I chose this industry, I've lived in like five or six different states and, you know, it's interesting about moving and it's because you get to learn different cultures, you get to meet new people. So I really am fascinated with learning and, and I'm very open minded person. So I love to learn different cultures and really seek that experience. If you go on my linkedin, you'll see how I talk a little bit about, you know, personal development when it comes to, you know, giving back to yourself before you give it to others. I talk about some of the achievements that I've done um with exercise. And I also talk a little bit about, um, sports and travel. And so those are the things that I like to do outside of work.

What are your favorite features of Streamline?

Kailen Wilkerson: There's two features inside of Streamline that I think really give back to property managers and give them the confidence to grow their business. And without these two features, you really don't have a business. And so that's why I'm choosing them as my two favorite. Number one is the homeowner acquisition CRM. How are you prospecting to homeowners? How are you managing them throughout the entire sale process? How are you able to pull reports that show you visibility into the future and when you need to staff, how are you able to pull rental projections? And the homeowner acquisition CRM allows property managers to set their business, uh development agents up for success from the time they enter a lead, a new homeowner and by the time they're on boarding that homeowner, the second piece um of Streamline that I think is crucial to any software. And when you're searching for a solution, this is the number one thing you should, you should look at is trust, accounting without accounting. You know, there's a saying when it's a, when it's not a, when it's a problem, it's a big problem when it's not a problem. You know, you're not really looking at it, but you have the fiduciary responsibility to your homeowners to stay in trust and to manage their asset. And you need a core system that if you were to ever go through an audit, you've got reports that you can pull to show exactly what money came in and exactly what money came out. And so it streamline, it gives managers the confidence to not only grow their business but to manage their homeowners assets.

Where do you see Streamline in the future?

Kailen Wilkerson: Where do I see? Streamline going in the future? I see us going a lot of places. I think that the world is continuously shifting, especially in real estate. And we're seeing a lot of regulations hit the market. And I think Streamline, you know, having such a, a strong partner like us, we give you the confidence that we're fighting for a lot of those regulations that are happening in your area and you need a partner that's going to stay up to date in the industry that's going to continuously focus on innovation and development. And so I see us adding more features for property managers and I see us fighting for some of the regulations that are happening within the industry.

What are you passionate about?

Kailen Wilkerson: What am I passionate about? At the end of the day? It's about helping others and when you leave this earth, it's about what did you do for others? So what makes me passionate to show up every single day is being able to sit down with your team and say, what are your unique operations? Like, what are your challenges and being able to solve those challenges and leave you with peace of mind that you have a partner that's going to support you. So I would say in simple terms, giving back to others.

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