Richard Anderson for Stratejm Video Testimonial

October 13, 2021

Video Transcript

Speakers: Richard Anderson, Executive Director, Smart Serve Ontario

How was the service on-boarding experience with Stratejm cloud-based security services?

Richard Anderson: I wanted to talk a little bit about our on boarding experience with Stratejm, and certainly early on when we decided to upgrade our systems, we found the experience with strategy and to be quite simple, very informative. Their team knew what they were doing, came on to our promise as needed to assist us with and the and all processes not being overly educated and not having a committed person. Certainly their expertise helped us get done what we needed doing.

Overall, how satisfied are you with the level of service/expertise and incident response capabilities provided by Stratejm?

Richard Anderson: We learned very early on in the process that strategy has the expertise that we needed to respond and help us with our IT changes and our upgrades. Certainly they have some credible capabilities and I had an opportunity to do a site visit, which I would encourage anyone to do to take a look at the response center and in general how they deal with security and cyber security. I think bottom line as they are cutting edge. And we quickly learned that when we reached out to other providers, so I think that strategy and continues to be top in the industry, cutting edge and certainly is able to keep us up to date on the latest technologies to help us make sure they were efficient and effective in our operation.

How has Stratejm made you feel more confident in your organization's ability to deal with cybersecurity threats (ex. Ransomware)

Richard Anderson: There's no question that prior to working with Stratejm, I'm not sure I could say that we had a real big confidence in how we dealt with cybersecurity threats. Certainly now with a lot of the services they provide, we feel much more confident and comfortable. I think on top of that, they helped us rewrite our policies and procedures to make sure that we had sound practices in place, which we didn't have in place prior. I think when you put them all together, it certainly puts us at ease and makes us feel more more able to deal with any kind of cyber security threats.

Since partnering with Stratejm, do you feel as if your overall enterprise security posture has improved?

Richard Anderson: I think there's no question that since we've partnered with Stratejm that we certainly feel our security posture is improved. We lean on them for their expertise, and certainly they make recommendations regularly to us, not only on how to improve our security posture, but also reasonable recommendations for a company of our size so that we can have the latest technology. I think on top of that, we have regular interactions and reporting and tips to help us improve. So I think it's certainly a learning curve, but we definitely feel better about our posture at this point.

With Stratejm as your Cybersecurity partner, are you satisfied with your ROI?

Richard Anderson: I think it's important have a conversation about return on investment. I think if I were to hire a administrator to perform all the tasks that strategy and provides me, it certainly would cost me more. I also think that when it comes to cyber security and security of data, you really shouldn't be looking in depth, lee at the costs as it's incredibly important to protect that data and that is a cost that companies need to bear at all times. So yes, I'm satisfied. I think that we have amazing coverage and services that are provided.

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