Rafi Wanounou - Are you Part of the Mesh?

January 03, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rafi Wanounou, SE Director, Fortinet

Are you part of the mesh?

Rafi Wanounou: We absolutely are part of the mesh or the fabric. The mesh requires an intelligent, automated A I driven set of tools that communicate with each other to find out where the adversary is how the adversary has entered a network. And what data is the adversary trying to exfiltrate.

What does your technology, powered by Stratejm, achieve?

Rafi Wanounou: Our technology powered by Stratejm gives enterprise customers around the world true round the clock AI powered cybersecurity. What does that mean? That means that powered by Stratejm, our technology gives the ability to analyze, detect and respond to complex adversaries driven. Adversaries looking to exfiltrate data around the clock anywhere in the world at any time.

How do you see the future of cybersecurity evolving with the adoption of mesh architecture?

Rafi Wanounou: The adoption of mesh architecture and mesh type designs is really evolving cybersecurity from a position of having multiple point products that each do their own data analysis to really having this A I driven self healing security network. OK. That can analyze millions of events per second and make intelligent decisions on those events paired with round the clock worldwide global set cops coverage like that provided by stratagem to really provide automated security. This is the future we know for a fact that the vibe of events have become too great for humans to manage. The only way to scale out. The only way to scale out to future advanced adversaries and defend against them is by using advanced mesh architecture backed by setups.

How does Stratejm's cybersecurity mesh reduce risk for businesses?

Rafi Wanounou: They say knowing is half the battle and strategy and cybersecurity measure actually reduces risk by helping companies decode, detect and respond to attacks in automated fashion. No longer. Are we going to have to deal with um compromise systems? Um Ransomware systems, all of those threats are dealt with automatically 24 7 by security Operations Center that allows the company to actually focus on its main business instead of worrying about which systems are compromised where the attacker is going and what data the attacker is trying to steal. 36 months. We see a large enterprise is a tax that went undetected. This is the number one risk. How long is an adversary inside the network? What have they been doing inside the network? And how long have they been dwelling in the network are key risk factors for large enterprise by eliminating the time to detect, by minimizing the time that the adversary has inside the network and by automating their responses potentially on the weekends, middle of the night when staff may not be available. This is where the massive risk reduction comes in the ability to use A I to drive those metrics down to understand where the attacker is or when they got it and how they got it and stop them from getting in.

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