Are you part of the mesh? Stratejm x Recorded Future

November 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: William Cannon, Director of Partner Engineering, Recorded Fututre

Are you part of the mesh?

William Cannon: Are we part of the mesh 100% recorded feature is providing industry leading security analytics, intelligence and identity protection. All of which are core components of mesh architecture.

What does your technology, powered by Stratejm, achieve?

William Cannon: by Stratejm achieve great question. So with recorded features, technology power by Stratejm, we're able to provide best in class actual intelligence for security programs including intelligence for a distributed identity fabric. What that allows is for clients to have confidence and context of what malicious activity may be targeting their networks. Uh understanding what threats know about your organization and attack surface is just as important as having proper controls and governance in place. Uh So there's always going to be a gap in the armor, right? And what you may be focused on may be completely different than what a threat is focused on and having peace of mind and knowing that you're focusing on the same things is huge.

How do you see the future of cybersecurity evolving with the adoption of mesh architecture?

William Cannon: Uh So I think with mesh architecture adoption, there's going to be a renewed focus on interoperability of security solutions uh primarily on passing data from one to the other. Um It's not gonna be enough. There's gonna need to be normalization, contextualization and chain of custody of data as it moves through multiple tools in a pipeline. Before reaching uh some type of centralized presentation layer. Uh More tools will need to be deployed together and in standardized configurations to prevent adding complexity rather than removing it for decision makers.

How does Stratejm's cybersecurity mesh reduce risk for businesses?

William Cannon: So, Stratejm cybersecurity mesh provides a common integrated security structure across a complex evolving it estate. We're talking data centers on prem cloud IOT and usually those disparate solutions uh can be quite a pain to manage uh and getting them to work together in a standardized format. Uh And, and having proper interconnectivity is huge and that's what stratagem is able to do uh creating a co-operative ecosystem that works to benefit decision makers rather than create 100 little headaches.

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