Robin Miller, Stites Harbison

June 05, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Robin Miller, Attorney, Stites & Harbison

Could you describe a time that Strategic Orientation, LLC helped you?

Robin Miller: I started working with Richard because I wanted to develop a business plan that was specifically tailored to my goals, my industry and my needs throughout my coaching sessions with Richard, he really challenged me to flesh out my goals and really think through the steps and the action items that I wanted to take to achieve those goals. The result today is a business plan that I rely on and I refer to on a daily basis.

What are the greatest benefits you received by working with Strategic Orientation, LLC?

Robin Miller: I actually really look forward to my sessions with Richard. He brings a significant amount of business experience to the table and he helps me think about things in a way that I haven't thought about them before. From a business development standpoint, his approach is not a one size fits all approach, but instead it's tailored and, and very detailed focused on what my objectives are. I also like that. Richard holds me accountable. I really think of Richard as a trusted business advisor and I enjoy working with him.

What advise would you give to businesses that are considering working with Richard and Strategic Orientation, LLC?

Robin Miller: If you're thinking about working with Richard, I would strongly encourage you to do some work on the front end. Come to the initial meeting with some goals identified. They don't have to be too specific but have an understanding of what it is. You're trying to get out of the sessions with him and also be honest with yourself, try to understand what your strengths are and your weaknesses because the more honest you are with yourself, the more effective your sessions will be.

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