Fred Harrison Customer Testimonial Videos

August 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Fred Harrison

Could you describe a time that Strategic Orientation, LLC helped you?

So, I was fortunate enough to work with Strategic Orientation for a few years. And amongst that time, what Richard helped me work on was the acquisition of another franchise location. He helped me build out the business plan, the model to successfully think about operationally what we need to accomplish and to think out whether it was something we would want to do. And if we're going to do it, what the plan would be to execute to get the best return on that investment. That was a huge undertaking from a time and just talking out the specifics and what we're trying to accomplish, working in concert, with what we wanted to get out of it from a legal standpoint, and what the end goal was. So it was just good to have someone mastermind and help me really dive into the specifics, to talk through the financials, and what the financial implications were. And really just create a clear road map on if and how to be successful with the acquisition. Richard did an amazing job of helping with that.

What are the greatest benefits you received by working with Strategic Orientation, LLC?

The greatest benefit I received from working with Strategic Orientation was, I would say clarity of direction Really clearly understanding and defining my goals and working towards what I needed to do to accomplish them. Putting out not just strategy but tactics around that strategy, financial implications of that strategy, and what it would take from a time standpoint to accomplish it. And, outlining who is going to be responsible for it. So those were some key findings and it's, it's evolving, but it definitely was something that I definitely took from it. It was getting clarity and locking in on goals and how to achieve them.

What advise would you give to businesses that are considering working with Richard and Strategic Orientation, LLC?

The advice I would give to a business that, advice I would give if you're considering working with Strategic Orientation First off, it's just, I definitely recommend working with someone. I don't know of anybody more qualified than Richard as far as understanding and, figuring out how to accomplish what you want to accomplish in your business. He just has seen and analyzed more businesses, than you can imagine and can just can helpful when you're just thinking how to go about your next steps. If you're, if you're scaling your business or you're scaling down your business, he just has the ability to comprehend what you need and direct and help you massage what you're trying to get to, you know, also uncover, thinking about where you are. He honestly helped me get through COVID as a, as a contractor, and while we were focusing specifically on a lot of residential interior work he just helped us re-evaluate and get the most out of it. Yeah, it was just a lot of undertakings that happened with COVID that you helped us thrive actually. So you, definitely want to, you know, map out your options and consider what you're gonna do. But, I will tell you for sure to work with someone. It's, there's no question that having that coach to get you through obstacles and help you focus is, great, not just obstacles and just help you focus on how to get the most out of driving business. So, that's my advice.

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