Brian Dunlap Customer Testimonial Videos

July 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Could you describe a time that Strategic Orientation, LLC helped you?

Hi, I'm Brian Dunlap. I'm the president of River Hills Bank. I've been working with Richard Barbercheck for over three years. Richard has been an incredible resource for both me personally and the bank as a whole. He has really taken on a mentorship role with me personally. His experience navigating board members and ownership along with the direction of an overall organization has been invaluable. He seems to always be available when I need him, but he's not hovering and he never gives me unwanted advice. This provides a perfect balance of availability without being overbearing. I value the relationship we've built up over the years and I recommend to him to anyone for an executive mentorship role, which has also been an incredible resource for the bank overall. He's brought with him a level of expertise in navigating the technical nuts and bolts of the business, but also a calm demeanor that leads itself to a collaborative approach. He's not shy away from telling me the hard truth but also does it in a constructive way that is far more focused on solving the problems than placing the blame on who created it. I'd recommend Richard to anyone looking for someone to help solve a specific issue or to provide overall guidance and leadership to a leader that is running an organization. Thank you for your time.

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