Greg Traynor, Wyndham Lyons Realty

August 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Greg Traynor, Principal Broker/Owner, Wyndham-Lyons Realty Services, LLC.

Could you describe a time that Strategic Orientation, LLC helped you?

Greg Traynor: My name's Greg Traynor. I'm the principal broker of Windham Lyons Realty Services. In 2019, my business along with my partners were at a crossroads. We engaged Richard to help us decide which direction we were going to go as far as sales, marketing, and recruiting of new agents to our business. During the process, Richard helped us define our goals, look forward to which direction that our company wished to go and found a solution for us. Fortunately, for us, since the time that Richard did engage with our business, our sales and our agent count is up over 30%.

What are the greatest benefits you received by working with Strategic Orientation, LLC?

Greg Traynor: Besides the obvious appreciation for the increase in sales, profitability, and agent count for brokerage, really, one of the greatest benefits that we had in working with Richard at Strategic Orientation was that it really clarified for the partners of the organization what direction we should head, staving off the differences and defining any of those differences that we had in our own personal philosophies and our own plans for the future. In the end, it resulted in a very positive effect in clarifying for our leadership who the leaders actually should be in our organization and making sure again that we're pointed always in the right direction.

What advise would you give to businesses that are considering working with Richard and Strategic Orientation, LLC?

Greg Traynor: The best advice that I could give anybody that's considering working with Richard and Strategic Orientation is, first get your historical records in order. Have your production, business and books in order. so Richard can take a look at those. Also start working on, if you already haven't, your business plan and preparing those for Richard to review. Also make sure that everybody in your organization that's going to participate is open minded and willing to go down the path and look at Richard's solutions, take that advice and put those in effect. Having buy-in from your management and your partners is probably the most important thing and important bit of advice that I could give.

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