Drew Dinkelacker for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 07, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Drew Dinkelacker, President, MarketingAccelerator.com

Could you describe a time that Strategic Orientation, LLC helped you?

Drew Dinkelacker: I'm Drew Dinkelacker, owner of Marketing Accelerator. com, where we provide Chief Marketing Officer, resources to business leaders and their marketing leaders. I've been in business 20 years and after about 20 years, my partner, my business partner was asking difficult questions, financial questions about where we're headed, what's working, what's not working? How long do we continue this path? I have to admit I'm a marketing guy, I'm not a finance guy at all and I didn't have answers to these solid questions. I didn't even know how to address them well, with any level of confidence. So that is what I really turned to Strategic Orientation, Richard Barbercheck for because I knew Richard had that banking background, but he also understood business. So he's got the finance and business perspective and that's what I was seeking. And he absolutely answered all of those questions. It gave us a realistic understanding of where our business is financially and therefore I could make better decisions.

What are the greatest benefits you received by working with Strategic Orientation, LLC?

Drew Dinkelacker: The greatest benefit I've received from working with Richard is, very obvious to me and it's simply confidence, confidence in decision making. When you own a business, you are the person who's responsible for really all the key decisions and the direction your business takes. And when you hit a foggy patch and you're not sure, you need insight and wisdom and to make better decisions. And so after my engagements with Richard, I absolutely had more confidence in the decisions I was making.

What advise would you give to businesses that are considering working with Richard and Strategic Orientation, LLC?

Drew Dinkelacker: If I was talking to someone and advising a colleague or a friend about whether or not they were considering getting coaching or working with Richard, I would first say be clear about what you want to accomplish with any kind of coaching engagement, the clearer you are, the more effective, Richard can be at bringing clarity and confidence and achieving whatever it is that you want out of that engagement. Secondly, I found Richard had an excellent business acumen that, you know, while it came, it came out of the banking industry was very broad. He's a finance guy that understands the marketing perspective, understands the operations perspective and getting the right people on board with your organization. So I found him to be a strong source for wisdom and insight.

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