Mark Willis Customer Testimonial Videos

July 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Willis

Could you describe a time that Strategic Orientation, LLC helped you?

Richard and Strategic Orientation helped me navigate through a purchase of three entities forming one holding company above those to allow minority owners to enter the picture. There were a lot of personalities involved, a lot of financial movement and Richard was able to assist me in navigating and constructing those, the structure for operating the companies. We stayed in touch at least once a month during the life of those companies. And he helped me stay on track to grow those entities. We've been quite successful and I attribute a lot of that to Richard.

What are the greatest benefits you received by working with Strategic Orientation, LLC?

The greatest benefits of working with Strategic Orientation and Richard for me were second set of eyes on our financials and answering questions about anything related to our financials, as well as accountability for my goals and tasks throughout the year, reaching those goals and pressing to, to make those helped us grow and become a success. Those were the greatest benefits.

What advise would you give to businesses that are considering working with Richard and Strategic Orientation, LLC?

If you're considering working with Richard and Strategic Orientation, I would encourage you to think of maybe my experience from working through presentations for specific personalities, to building the structure for your next transaction, to finding your own strengths and weaknesses and working on those weaknesses as you build your company. To financial analysis and building the value of your balance sheet and eventually the success of your company. If you're going to sell it, if not just the strengthening of the financial side, that would be my take.

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