Hedley for Parent Stories

January 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hedley, Parent

Please introduce yourself and your connection to the school.

Hedley: Hi, my name's Hedley and I've been a parent with Latakia Primary School for the last four years.

How does Larrakeyah Primary work with you to support your child's learning?

Hedley: The two things that stand out to me as good ways that Lara Kia has has worked with our specifically around our child's needs is through the term based reporting, but also the feedback that we get through parent teacher interviews to understand what's going on and where things are up to.

How does Larrakeyah Primary provide feedback and keep you informed of your child's progress?

Hedley: So when we get a term report, what we're really looking for is less about sort of the grades, it's more about progress. Are they improving? What are the areas where they might need some extra support and what can we do at home? And that's the kind of thing that comes through in those reports. And then it's things that we can bring up specifically at our parent teacher conference to understand sort of the nuance in the detail. What specifically can we do to help support our Children at home? What extra areas that we can work on if, if required, and to also understand where their strengths are? What are they doing well? So that where we're aware of, where they might go in the next stage of schooling and beyond.

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