Harmonize's Experience Working With Story Sells

November 30, 2022

Lauren O'Brien's Experience Working With Story Sells

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lauren O'Brien, SVP Marketing, Harmonize

Say your name, company, and title, and then describe the problem(s) you were having before you started working with Story Sells.

Lauren O'Brien: My name is Lauren O'brien. I'm the senior vice president of marketing at harmonize. And when we first met Danny and story sells, we were having some challenges with our messaging. Um we didn't have a really clear, consistent message that we're using with our audience. But even more importantly, all of our messaging was focused more on features and really a laundry list of features and highlighting what our product could do, instead of really anchoring our message within our customers, pain points and their goals and challenges and helping them understand how our product can help them with those.

How did Story Sells solve the problems you were having? Which part of the experience of working with them made you the happiest?

Lauren O'Brien: Dan and his team spent a lot of time getting a really deep understanding of our company and our markets and our goals and our customers so they could have a really solid understanding of the challenges that our prospects are facing, what success looks like for them, and how we could craft a story around that. And it was really impressed with their ability to take all of that research, all of that information and distill it down into a clear, compelling message that told the story.

Would you recommend Story Sells to a friend or colleague? If yes, then please say why. ?

Lauren O'Brien: We had a great experience working with story cells, and I would definitely recommend them as a partner for working on messaging and helping to take that to the next level, particularly for us as a small scrappy team. It helps to feel like they were an extension of our team and a really solid resource that was going to help us develop really strong messaging and cascade that through our website and other really important materials we were using in our campaigns.

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