Charter Trucks - Story Sells Testimonial

November 01, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jesse Smith, Sales Data & Marketing Manager, Charter Trucks

Say your name, company, and title, and then describe the problem(s) you were having before you started working with Story Sells.

Jesse Smith: Hello, My name is Jesse Smith. I work with charter trucks. I'm the sales data marketing manager. Prior to working with story sells, we had very unclear messaging And very unclear direction for our marketing. We also relied on one outlet that was responsible for 99% of our sales that we had no control over the content of that site. We had no control over the SC. O. or the Google rankings of that site as well.

How did Story Sells solve the problems you were having? Which part of the experience of working with them made you the happiest?

Jesse Smith: Story cells worked with us to do a deep dive and discover who our customers are and how to reach them, and they also helped us portray the values that our company wanted to get across to our customer based on how we sell trucks, along with rebranding our website. This led to triple the amount of traffic to our site. one of the most exciting things for me was we ended up creating these form fills that I was skeptical at first because all of our sales were from phone calls. Now we're getting 200 qualified leads through forms through our websites from the messages and the content Danny helped us identify and create.

Would you recommend Story Sells to a friend or colleague? If yes, then please say why. ?

Jesse Smith: Okay, I would definitely recommend story sells to friends and colleagues. I've worked with a lot of outside consultants and story sells was able to understand our business and understand what we wanted to portray and get out there faster than anyone else. Also brought a lot of extra things that I didn't even anticipate, like with their vast knowledge of Softwares out there that help your business, um, the marketing background technology all all around and just made our company a better company.

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