Your Experience Working With Story Sells

November 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Say your name, company, and title, and then describe the problem(s) you were having before you started working with Story Sells.

Hello. My name is Jesse smith. I work at charter sales co. We sell heavy duty trucks and equipment. Um prior to meeting Danny like 99% of our sales came from one channel that we didn't even have control of. Um and we truly really didn't understand our market and who we sold to. We build our own database and we had all this good data. But you know, Danny asked me a question and you know, who do you sell to And I just didn't know, you know, Danny walked us through the process of identifying our customers and how to market to them um overhauled our website. Like we had our own website now with clear messaging and You know, one of the biggest things that I look back on is you know 99% of our business was just people calling and Danny is trying to talk us into doing these form fills on the website and you know, I was reluctant and I just didn't see it happening. Well now since Danny came along we get About 200 form filled qualified leads of people wanting to sell equipment to us. Our traffic tripled to our website and we are also now ranking number one organically um some really key terms for our industry, how much my semi truck worth, how to sell my semi truck which is leading these 200 qualified leads form filled with all the information we need and it has definitely increased and helped our business And now we're not relying on one channel for you know, 99% of our business. That is down to 30% of our business, and 70% of it is due to the help Danny did by identifying who we market to changing our message and being able to reach out and get in front of these people. So, you know, 70% of traffic and our sales is now coming from organic search, Google ads, our own website. Um, it's a I would definitely recommend Danny, P. V. And story tells. Thank you.

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