Storj vs Backblaze

October 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dominick Marino, Senior Solutions Architect

What have customers told you are their reasons for leaving Backblaze?

Dominick Marino: Consistency in pricing. Generally, Backblaze customers are doing backups of servers, systems, laptops, what have you. They also offer an object storage service that is present in four data centers across the globe. That's the United States primarily and a single data center in the Netherlands. What this means is if you're moving around and you're outside of the Americas, you are going to have very poor performance. So the second reason people are leaving Backblaze is beyond consistency in pricing really is the performance of the service. It's not intended as a service that can quickly restore data. In fact, offering a tier where they actually mail you the data because it's faster than downloading it.

What does Storj do differently that convinces them to switch?

Dominick Marino: Well, going with theme one before consistency in pricing, Storj remains a great value because we can buy latent capacity from the market that is excess capacity less than you could ever purchase hard drive for. So we aggregate that supply and we can pass that same value to our customers. The other thing that's really important is performance. So we've really focused on value in this statement, but Storj is everywhere. We're 20,000 plus points of presence. You can access us from Asia Pacific, the European Union, the United States, South America. You get the same great performance without the need for complicated replication. Expensive replication. Storj is just better value because it's a ground up network designed in a different way from everyone else that can provide a superior experience.

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