Why today's cloud storage isn't really a cloud.

October 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dominick Marino, Senior Solutions Architect

Why today's cloud storage isn't really a cloud...

Dominick Marino: One of my favorite subjects, the myth of the cloud. Now let's focus on object storage, data storage and how that relates to the word cloud. Well, we've been told a cloud is our data. Our cloud is our data somewhere. It's everywhere, it's protected. So let's go from the most expensive to the least expensive solution to tell you how they do it. Well, let's imagine your AWS S3 general availability tier about as expensive as it gets somewhere around $70 a terabyte for egress, $40 a terabyte for storage in the United States and the European Union, but significantly more in other regions like APAC and South America. Well, when you upload to them, they're gonna keep three copies of your data in what's known as a region. So those availability zones will have the data automatically copied between them so that if a data center goes down, your data remains online. It's expensive. But what you really need to do if you're following best practices is copy that data to other regions. Well, let's imagine you want to keep it in the United States. the European Union and Asia Pacific, you're a global organization. Well, you're gonna keep a minimum of three copies and you're gonna need to manage that. Less expensive providers like Wasabi or Backblaze, provide you tools to replicate that data between regions. But again, you have to pay for the luxury of moving that data and storing it. So your costs double or triple. Or actually more than that because you just don't get to move it for free. Ok. Now let's talk about Storj. What Storj is doing is giving you a globally persistent object store. It's simply everywhere you want it, but nowhere you don't. If there's a region where you want your data not to be present, we're happy to accommodate by blocking those nodes for your particular bucket. Today's cloud storage really isn't a cloud. It's someone else's computer. Maybe it's like three copies if you're doing the best possible solution where Storj... Storj is a cloud storage is over 20,000 endpoints with your data erasure encoded across them 11 nines of durability and market leading performance storage is actually a cloud. It's not bamboozling you into putting your data into 1, 2 or maybe 3 data centers.

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