Storj vs Wasabi

October 09, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dominick Marino, Senior Solutions Architect

What have customers told you are their reasons for leaving Wasabi?

Dominick Marino: The most common reasons people are transitioning from Wasabi to Storj is consistency and ease. When you back up with Wasabi, if you don't have a contract, you have a 90 day minimum retention. So in manage service providers, people wanting to just do even simple laptop backups, the complication of making sure you're not deleting items before that 90 day window under no contract or as small as 30 days with a contract with them is the number one complication that drags people to us. Global consistency and performance is important. This comes up less frequently, but it is worth noting that Storj is fast everywhere. Wasabi is not. The farther you are from one of their four points of presence, the worse your performance will be. What good is your data if you can't get to it quickly? Finally, consistency, let's get that theme going. In pricing, Storj has been the same great low price for some time. We can buy capacity given that it's latent at lower costs than the competition. We just have an unfair advantage to be able to pass that good pricing on to customers. These are some of the top reasons people are migrating from Wasabi to Storj.

What does Storj do differently that convinces them to switch?

Dominick Marino: Storage is a distributed network. In the last video, I explained that we have an unfair advantage. We can buy latent capacity because it's extra drives that are available around the globe already spin powered and cooled. Well, what do we do differently? We've built a better network from the ground up. There is no singular data center. The data is spread over 20+ thousand points of presence around the globe, meaning no matter where you travel, your data is fast, you don't need to do replication anymore. So in a traditional environment, if you are, let's say multi-national or even East Coast, West Coast, you're going to replicate your data between those two locations. The best process is no process. The best part is no part. Why do something you don't need to do? Storj is better from the ground up, giving us an advantage to give you better data storage, more reliable data storage and incredible SLAs.

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