iXsystems for Storj Testimonials

October 11, 2023

Mario Blandini, iXsystems for Storj Testimonials

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mario Blandini, VP, Marketing, iXsystems

Can you tell us a bit about your company and what you do?

Mario Blandini: Hi, I'm Mario at iX, iXSystems is the company behind TrueNAS, which is the world's most deployed storage software and it's used by the majority of Fortune 500 companies.

What were you hoping to improve with Storj?

Mario Blandini: As an open source company, we always look first for open technologies TrueNAS users tend to be value conscious, and as a result, they find the cost of the public cloud storage to generally not fit their budgets. So not only were we looking to add a choice in technology that could be more affordable, but also one that didn't sacrifice in terms of reliability, performance and security.

What other provider(s) were you using or evaluating and why did you choose to go with Storj?

Mario Blandini: TrueNAS users have freedom to move data from TrueNAS to virtually any S3 compatible cloud storage. And now they have a new choice in Storj. As a company Storj and iXsystems share a lot of the same core values and beliefs and it really made for an easy process to add it to our product portfolio and make it the most recommended choice for cloud storage.

What do you like most about Storj and what led you to choose Storj?

Mario Blandini: Storj is a really easy company to partner with. And we especially love the iX-Storj Starter package for TrueNAS users, which comes with up to five terabytes of storage and egress bandwidth for one year. Normally $275 to TrueNAS customers it's available for $150 at a discount, but this compares to what is thousands of dollars that it otherwise might cost with other cloud providers.

How has Storj impacted your business and what advice do you have for companies considering a cloud storage solution?

Mario Blandini: We at iX naturally use TrueNAS to run our business and with iX storage built into every edition of TrueNAS, we've been able to use Storj in place at a CDN where we are storing large files, thinking of software, images and multimedia, etcetera. We're able to provide a better download experience for our users by having those assets in Storj. And I'd recommend anybody try it out for themselves. You can download TrueNAS and give it a shot. www.TrueNAS.com/compare for more information.

What are your top use cases for cloud storage?

Mario Blandini: For TrueNAS users, offsite backup is tops amongst the most common use cases for cloud storage. We do see some growing interest in hybrid cloud from managed service providers or departments in organizations delivering services to their internal customers. They want to own that infrastructure and improve reliability and management end to end while spending less to do so.

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