Ad Signal Partner Testimonial for Storj

September 08, 2023

Deduplicate assets and save on AI costs with Ad Signal Match and Storj

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tom Dunning, CEO & co-founder, Ad Signal

What does your company do?

Tom Dunning: Ad Signal is SaaS company which provides unique solutions for video image and audio content. Our Match product de-duplicates content Regardless of format, codec, and resolution. Ensuring you only store one copy of everything saving you cost and carbon as well as the time to find the right item.

What were you hoping to improve with Storj?

Tom Dunning: Our Match product ensures that you only store what you need. We hoped that Storj would save further cost and carbon both for our internal processing and for our clients, for the content that they do need to store.

What do you like most about Storj and what led you to choose Storj?

Tom Dunning: We engaged with Storj originally because of the cost and carbon savings, which we've now achieved. Only 10% of the world's storage is used at any one time. Storj, utilizes the unused storage, reducing the significant carbon cost associated with the mining and manufacturing of storage media, which is really important to us and our clients.

How has Storj impacted your business and what advice do you have for companies considering a cloud storage solution?

Tom Dunning: In addition to meeting our needs for cost and carbon saving, we've also seen an acceleration in transferring content compared to using a major hyperscaler. My advice for other companies considering cloud storage is, one, consider how your content moves and where it needs to be accessed. Some scenarios mean that egress fees are more prominent than others. Two, watch out for hidden egress fees from other providers which could make them an untenable solution for you. Three, suck it and see give Storj a shot and see if it's right for you. The Storj team has been very transparent with us about scenarios where Storj might not be the right fit. So do talk to them if you have any questions.

What are your top use cases for cloud storage?

Tom Dunning: Our main use case is holding and moving the content we're processing as part of our product. We also offer our clients the ability to migrate only their unique content to Storj, saving them from migrating duplicate content that they just don't need.

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