Darren Brown for Customer Testimonial Videos

June 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Darren Brown, Warehouse Operations Manager, Hobbs Global Logistic Solutions Ltd

Firstly how was the experience working with Storepro?

Darren Brown: The process of working with Storepro was very seamless. From top to bottom, they had us covered through racking consents all the way through installation and follow up.

Why did you choose Storepro and what was the key reason behind that decision?

Darren Brown: The reason we chose to go with Storepro is we've actually been a long term supporter of them. They installed all our initial racking in our warehouse and have been awesome the whole way through.

How did Storepro benefit / help you and your business?

Darren Brown: Storepro benefited us by looking out for us the whole way through the process. They gave us some great ideas with regards to the set up of our racking.

Do you have any suggestions or comments as to what went well or how we could improve?

Darren Brown: We managed to get things through council pretty quickly through them, without too many issues and yes, no complaints.

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