Anubha Das for Employee Testimonials

May 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anubha Das

Please introduce yourself.

Anubha Das: Hi. I'm Amada, and I'm working as a senior content writer with Stone Depot.

Tell us about your role at Stone Centre.

Anubha Das: My role over here at Stone Depot is to strategize the whole content branding and the promotional part. So I work closely and collaborate with the team with the marketing team with the P PC team. Formulate our whole strategy about how the cotton will be going to the public and to the customers and to our target audience about what we are. What do we sell, what products we have. How do we indulge in a day to day activities even as an organisation, so all together, everything related to content and promotion?

How does Stone Centre helps you do your job successfully?

Anubha Das: As a company. As a team, I have a really amazing team over here at Stone Depot, where we collaborate with each other, we help each other grow. We help each other, understand the news answers. If there's something new, something trending in the market and one person doesn't know the other person only gives a helping hand. So, uh, that is what helps me when I'm working away.

What is the best thing about Stone Centre?

Anubha Das: Well, the best thing about working over here at Stone Depot is that I get to try a lot of new things. So what? I have not tried so far, like I was I have always been a content writer. But over here, I'm also working, uh, with the social media team and, uh, creating a lot of interesting and, uh, um, curious voice and everything. So that is there, That, uh, it's something that I like about this company.

What is one life advice you can give to anyone?

Anubha Das: Well, one life advice that I can give to other people is that if you are good at something, never do it for free. Always maintain that thing in your life, so, yeah.

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