Aman Verma for Employee Testimonials

May 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Aman Verma

Please introduce yourself.

Aman Verma: Hi. My name is Amal Verma. I work as a process trainer and an internal communications specialist with Stone Depot. I've been associated with the company for the last three years.

Tell us about your role at Stone Centre.

Aman Verma: as a process trainer. I'm involved in training the new hires, uh, with the process and the product training and making them go live as an internal communication specialist. I'm involved in creating and implementing effective communication strategies within the organisation, uh, to ensure clear messaging and consistent communication with the employees internally, the, uh, clients and the stakeholders.

How does Stone Centre helps you do your job successfully?

Aman Verma: Well, how does my company help me in doing my job successfully? I would say in every aspect, Uh, the kind of, uh, push I get from the management, Uh, all the automation tools that we need to do our jobs, uh, more effectively, as well as the kind of work life balance that the company offers. Uh, you know, pushes me to, uh, do my work in a more effective manner.

What is the best thing about Stone Centre?

Aman Verma: Well, the best thing about the company, I would say, is the positive atmosphere, uh, the work life opportunities that the company offers the commitment to excellence and open and transparent communication.

What is one life advice you can give to anyone?

Aman Verma: what? One life advice I can give. Uh, it's something that I really believe in. If you want to be happy, stop complaining.

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