Wandile Hopa for Stock Market College Video Testimonials

October 06, 2022

Wandile is a new student with us, working hard to achieve his goals.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Wandile Hopa, Driving school instructor , Dido driving school

What problem were you trying to solve by choosing our product/service?

Wandile Hopa: morning um currently I'm just getting ready to go to work but the only few problems I've been facing so far is uh just trying to analyze the graph and the bearish and the bullish. I actually kind of understand them a bit but go through in detail um as time goes by um other other than that I can still um find ways to indicate the the markets by the symbols and add them. Um and also uh can tell if I've had them on the charts. Another issue is just that the load shedding thing is kinda um of an issue but other than that I can I can do some follow up if I get into the middle of a session, I can quickly just grasp but as time goes by I can through repetition I can get better. Um uh and uh only attending classes from from from time to time, I can attend classes on half six, otherwise by half nine I'm actually busy at work so sometimes I just find a way to squeeze in my time. Um Another challenge for me right now, I don't think I have some challenges but I can also locate the indicators, the oscillators. I can go through the options, the quotes, the trade, the history and the mailbox I can follow up but other than that everything is fine and yeah, just a quick thanks to Mr Ron Mcdonald for uh for the assistance. Yeah. Um and the technical support team as well. Thanks

How has this product/service lived up to your expectation?

Wandile Hopa: services very well and organized including the the their advert. Uh I was going through Youtube watching some channels actually informing myself about the trading and all that stuff and then I just ran through the stock market college advert and then I decided to just click and watch what's the college about actually. Um could understand that they might give me some trading lessons so I decided to subscribe and that's where I got the email. I haven't got any complaints or I should say I haven't been complaining but just following through and uh going through their instructions and um even the lecturers are doing a great job uh very patient and understanding. Um other than that I don't feel any um problems with the service. It's just that the load shedding is um load shedding and my battery life. The only thing that just um kind of a barrier, I just have to return back home and put it in the charger and then I have to log into zoom to catch up. But other than that the product services very well and um yeah that's that's that's all I can say

Use 3 words to describe your experience with us.

Wandile Hopa: Okay, if I could choose three words, just describe my experience of them. Um First of all, it's exciting, uh eager to learn and um looking forward for the next uh trading platform lessons, which is which starts after six today, so that was like a kind of few words I could describe, um everything um about the colleges very well, perfectly organized.

What would you tell someone who's considering our product?

Wandile Hopa: tell someone to consider your your stock market college product, they will be doing uh the best investment for their learning um which is might be quite helpful for them. Um Since I joined the stock market College, I just gained um some confident confidence in myself that actually I finally know how to understand the trading language, the markets. Um They and also they shouldn't worry about if they don't get to the first uh lesson, right? Because uh the product also offers videos for them to just catch up um that were recorded, so it might be very convenient for them to just go through the videos that were recorded and I don't think they will struggle. Um They might um uh just if they are willing to take their time to to learn, they actually would gain a lot of understanding and their knowledge will be expanded. Yeah, I guess so, but as for my friends, uh they kinda scared when I told them that uh I joined the stock market College and I'm learning how to trade. So um once I show them how the platform works, they got a bit confused since they don't know how it's done. So I just tried to just make them understand if they can just go through the portal and uh subscribe, they won't see it as a difficult learning phase, but once they just go through it um they will be able to understand everything, not actually everything, but they'll just understand it slowly but surely. Yeah,

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