Leezal P for Stock Market College Video Testimonials

October 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Leezal P, Self Employed

Why did you decide to join Stock Market College and learn about trading?

Leezal P: I was always interested in um stating and the markets um and I was introduced to Stock Market College a few years ago. Um But then life just got busy. Um And now it seems like a better time than any other two. I'm just in for myself a bit more and become more educated in terms of um what's going on in the markets.

Have you attended any of the online zoom classes and if so, how have you found them?

Leezal P: Um the content is um very well presented, the facilitators are they're very well informed and they know they content very well and um the presentation is always interesting.

How are you finding the course material?

Leezal P: A lot of the content is things that I know, because I read quite a lot about the markets, but there's a lot of new things that I never knew. So I found it quite interesting. It's a lot to digest, but I'm enjoying it.

Would you recommend our course to others?

Leezal P: I would definitely recommend the course to others if they interested in making extra money and learning some more in depth information, regarding the markets, crypto that's very it's very vast um and very interesting. So yes, definitely.

What do you want to achieve by doing the course?

Leezal P: I would like um to generate a passive income um so that so that I could.

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