John for Customer Testimonial Videos

October 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: John, Football player

When and how did you become a client of Stock Market College?

John: Ok. Um, I became, when, and how did you become a client of stock market college? I became a stock market college client last year. 2022. And I found out about it through my dad. So, yeah, that, that's, that's how.

How did you benefit from becoming a student at Stock Market College?

John: I benefited from learning how to trade and learning how the stock market works and also making a lot of money while I was at it. So it really is a great way to, to make money to actually learn more about the financial world market and trade because you then have to also watch the news, be more aware of what's happening in the financial world.

What makes Stock Market College different from other similar products or services?

John: It is easy. It is convenient. It is accessible and it is reasonably priced as well.

Would you recommend Stock Market College to others?

John: Yes, I would recommend stock market at college to others. In fact, I have, I have recommended it already to a couple of other people, friends and family and colleagues alike.

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