CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL: Jaco H through VocalVideo

October 18, 2023

Jaco takes us through his journey, from trader to affiliate. At SMC we teach you to take the fear out of trading and learn to place profitable trades.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jaco Havenga

Please introduce yourself and tell us what you struggled with before you joined Stock Market College?

Jaco Havenga: Good morning. My name is Jaco Havenga. I used to be in tourism and one of my biggest struggles was to make money to get money and to support a family and a wife and Children and just do survive in South Africa until I started trading. Um, it changed my whole life.

Describe your experience while doing the course referring to our support department, trading support and the learning material?

Jaco Havenga: Like anything, anything new, it's always a struggle, scared and fear kicks in. And just from day one there was enough support, click of a few buttons and people will be calling and helping you without picking up the phone to call somebody and hang onto her line. It was just very nice and helpful to know that there's people who are willing to help me and very quickly, very fast response without wasting time. So while I'm doing work, while I'm on got an 8 to 5 job, um, still to be able to get support and get people that can help me. And that was very efficient and friendly service that I got from a few people I can I don't want to mention names and skip one person in particular, but it was very friendly staff and helpful all the way from the beginning, all the way to the end.

What is your takeaway after having worked through the learning material and attended the classes?

Jaco Havenga: Well after I've done my course. Um, it was, you always still scary. You're always still scared even if you've done the course and you gain knowledge. You were very excited. One part of my, um, I was very excited about to place a trade, but then also fear kicks in. So I attended the trading room and again they helped me through my first trade. So that was what, what I really enjoyed was that after the class, I was excited about what I was learning, but still fear. And obviously I made use of the trading room. I didn't want to go through it alone, made use of the trading room and I got the support there from roger brilliantly and how he was just efficiently answered my questions and guided me in the right direction.

What would you tell someone who is considering enrolling with Stock Market College?

Jaco Havenga: well I think to friends and family. Um and anybody in South Africa whether you want or don't want, you need to earn an extra income. And this helped my family. It helped me a lot, tremendously small profits daily, but it adds up small profits daily, adds up to a much better income on top of my salary and helped obviously to pay bills and help to pay things and be able to to know that I can survive now and still new, but just getting better and the more I trade, the more knowledge again, obviously the better it becomes, but I can highly recommend this to anybody. Yes, there's that fear factor, but if you're not going to take the chance, people think about risk and I think getting in my car this morning is gonna be risky. Um Leaving my house is going to be risky. So at least here, no calculated risk and make money. And so that was, I can highly recommend any to anybody to get yourself educated. Don't throw your money to people who can steal it with Ponzi schemes. Um don't throw your money to them and rather get the skill of learning how to trade and how to make money daily.


Jaco Havenga not only trades but is also a very successful affiliate for Stock Market College.

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