Gary Kielich for STG Video Testimonials

December 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Gary Kielich, Owner, Gary’s Grill

Introduce yourself, and describe how SpotOn recently helped you or your business.

Gary Kielich: Hi, I'm Gary Kielich, owner of Gary's Grill. And I recently bought spot on from Dakota Schafer. I gotta tell you, it's really helped our business. We've got accurate pricing. The kitchen video has improved operations um, in, in probably the most chaotic part of my restaurant. And I really feel like we have given our servers a tool to make us a better restaurant.

How did SpotOn make your business more efficient?

Gary Kielich: Well, spot on has really helped my restaurant for two things. Number one, the handheld devices for ordering have cut foot traffic and my servers get to spend more time with my customers. The other thing is to pay at the table is fantastic because my customers, they can pay at their own pace, they can leave when they want. And I'm turning tables over faster. So those are my two favorites.

How did STG go above and beyond for you?

Gary Kielich: I I gotta say STG went above and beyond a above and beyond themselves with this new spot on installation. The first thing they did is they introduced us to their online training portal where my staff could begin to learn and familiarize ourselves with spot on long before they showed up to go live. The second thing is that they showed their experience when it came to developing the menu and guiding us through the right choices to use spot on most efficiently. And thirdly, um with Go Live, they had people here ready to support us, but it was such a seamless experience that it turned out that it was really a fun day. So we're very, very pleased with what STG uh brought to the table.

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