Jameson Brull for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 02, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jameson Brull, Watchtower Props

Could you describe a time that Stephanie Omega helped you?

Jameson Brull: A time when Stephanie helped me out was just this past week. Uh she reached out to me and noticed that I didn't have a logo or banner for my online store and she said she wanted to help me out with it. So the next day she sent me a few ideas um for free and um let me choose one I liked and she made some adjustments on them as well and she was just very nice and very quick about it all.

How would you describe Stephanie Omega in three words?

Jameson Brull: Three words I would use to describe Stephanie would be kind, helpful and creative.

Why is Stephanie Omega different from other similar products or services?

Jameson Brull: Stephanie is different from other creators because she's the one that reached out to me uh to create the logo and banner for me rather than me reaching out to another creative designer. Um She was also very nice uh because she wanted to do it for me for free. And she was always very quick to respond to any of the messages I sent her.

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