Ruslan Kushnir for Staten Island Board of Realtors Video Testimonials

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nick Baskakov, Daniel Yunayev, Green Street Capital, LLC.

Nick Baskakov, Daniel Yunayev: Hello, my name is Nick Baskakov and my name is Daniel Yunayev, we are mortgage brokers and this is Green Street Capital, Green Street Capital has been sponsors at this event for some time and for a good reason, we would love to learn from each and every one of you and add value to your business.

Nick Baskakov, Daniel Yunayev: We have access to all mortgage products available in the country under one roof. To sum up what values we provide we will give you three points that provide significant value. One, speed, how fast will it get delivered to you. Two, availability, is the product available now for you to purchase? And three, relationship. Meaning will I come back to purchase from the seller again or was it a single transaction? These are the exact building blocks of our company. What makes us competitive is that we are online with more than 40 different lenders. All of these lenders are competing for your business. In our case, we are the buyers and the lenders are the sellers. So the client always wins with us. Besides the fact that we have access to a full spectrum of mortgage products that exist in today's market and always first to offer any new programs, we are always improving ourselves in the mortgage experience because nobody wants the mortgage, but everybody wants the house.

Nick Baskakov, Daniel Yunayev: Green Street Capital would like to thank SIBOR and all of you local professionals for having us at this magnificent event.

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