New Dwelling Mortgage

March 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Frank Collo, New Dwelling Mortgage

Frank Collo: Hey, everyone, Frank. Hello here from New Dwelling Mortgage. We are a local mortgage broker company here on Staten Island and we've been participating in the Expo since 2018. SIBOR puts a great event for their community and we choose this event as one of our biggest events to, to be part of the community and to to really promote our services to the local realtor. So have a great time today. It's gonna be worth it and we'll see you soon.

Frank Collo: New Dwelling Mortgage offers an array of programs for first time home buyers, investors and veterans. Also, we offer home equity lines of credit. So if there's a homeowner that needs to pull equity we're your go to company for that.

Frank Collo: We are super excited for the SIBOR Expo event. One of the events that we really look forward to every single year, we love to connect with the realtors and those other other third party companies are gonna be there participating as well.

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