Nalin ReRoof Project!

June 07, 2023

Re roof Entire house.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nalin Bateman, Seneca Lake

How did state Construction Help you?

Nalin Bateman: My experience with state construction was phenomenal. They arrived when they said that they were going to, the crew was here at seven AM. They put tarps down, they covered all of my flower beds. There wasn't even a branch broken on my hostas. It was wonderful. They completed the roof on, they tore, removed the entire roof. They replaced the entire roof on an over 3000 square foot home into a car attached garage, all of the debris and trash was picked up and they even placed my kids' toys back in the area of the yard that they found them in, which is a lot because I have a lot of kids. Um They were great to work with. Mario was phenomenal. He was on time. He delivered everything. He said that he was going to um, it was a great experience. I'd recommend them 100%.

How would you describe State Construction Roofing in a brief moment?

Nalin Bateman: State construction was reputable, honest and timely, I don't think I've ever had a better contractor experience in doing anything.

Why is State Construction Roofing different from other similar products or services?

Nalin Bateman: The state construction experience was very, very personalized. Mario was out here every time that the adjuster came out from the insurance company. Um, and we're not close in proximity. He always made it work, he always made his schedule fit ours. Um I can't, I can't think of anything that could have been better.

Would you recommend State Construction to a good Friend or family member?

Nalin Bateman: I would absolutely recommend state construction. Um, I have recommended them multiple times. There are family friends of mine that have used them that have had a great experience. Um, he's worked with them. He's given them all the options, um, and they are recommending him as well.

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