Brooke Cuper for Stanford CME: Camp CME Customer Testimonials

December 01, 2023

Camp CME Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brooke Cuper, Manager, Consulting Services, Kaiser Permanente Southern California

Could you describe some of the key takeaways or insights you gained from attending Camp CME?

Brooke Cuper: There were so many great things about attending camp CME um from the SWAT ANALYSIS, the strategic planning, um the environmental scans so much great insights um and key takeaways. One point that really stuck out for me was when Kurt shared this graphic depiction of just how much time we have with our learners, which when you think about it is like 30 plus years and there is yet so much more emphasis placed on the UME and GME spaces. And so if we are really smart savvy and strategic in our thinking, uh we can have a profound impact in our learners throughout the trajectory of their career.

Were there any specific sessions or workshops that stood out to you? If so, why?

Brooke Cuper: All the sessions at camp CME were incredible. Um The ones that stood out to me the most were future proofing your organization by upskilling your staff. Um and the office hours. Um And the reason for the future proofing by upskilling your staff, it's our s our teams are what make our organizations run well efficiently. Um It's the relationships that they have with the physicians, but the better um equipped they are with the right skills and abilities, the more we're gonna be able to move our department forward. And so I was able to um take what I had learned and bring that back and my team is now functioning in these working groups that have been and really game changing. Um They are so much more invested than they were before. Um And we are um constantly giving them different opportunities to upskill with respect to technology, automation, um their consulting abilities. Um And the like, and then the office hours were fantastic because it really gave us an opportunity to dig deeper into our own scenarios. Um And with the Camp CME hosts, um the Stanford CME team and Kurt and Jay Zona and Darryl were just fantastic at being able to advise us. Um much like you would have a professor advise you back in college. It was um uh just the most memorable experience.

Can you share any success stories or achievements that you attribute to what you learned at Camp CME?

Brooke Cuper: The biggest success that we've realized since um attending camp Sammy was the environmental scan Jay Zone. I led this great session on environmental scans and I had never heard the term before attending camp CME. Um But what it is is basically looking outside of your organization at what others are doing and it can be within our um within our CME world or even outside of that. And so, um we have developed these working groups for our teams to work on areas that we found to be deficient or areas of opportunity. And wow, what an incredible experience um that everyone has one of their tasks was to do an environmental scan on whatever opportunity they were working on. And the information and insight that they've gained and been able to integrate into our work has just been incredible and it really has um motivated and empowered our staff to be um so much more invested in the work.

What would you say to someone who is considering attending Camp CME but is unsure about it?

Brooke Cuper: I highly recommend anyone going through any organizational change. Um Or anyone who is looking to uh level up their sme program to attend camp Sammy. Um The relationships that you get to build um the opportunity to learn from your peers across the nation. Um the intimate environment um of camp CME all makes it just like the most amazing conference that I've ever attended. Um I've been to AC CME, I've been to a EP um I've been to sack me and those are all really great conferences and there was something just different about camp CME. Um And it was the ability to really dig deep into the content. Um But more importantly to apply that and give it context to the work that we do. Um And I just don't think that there's been a conference that I've attended that has been able to give me the tools and resources that I need to go back and implement things into my workspace. We've been undergoing a significant change and it has really been um the most impactful learning experience um as well as, again, that opportunity to build relationships with people who are doing the same work all over. Um, the US.

How would you describe the overall atmosphere and networking opportunities at Camp CME?

Brooke Cuper: The atmosphere at camp CME was incredible. Uh The camp counselors really did try and make it just like camp when we were kids. Um And they did a phenomenal job of doing that pairing incredible learning opportunities during the day with great networking opportunities at night. Um So it was a really nice balance of both work and play. Um And even when we were working, we were still playing, which uh made it a lot of fun, was energizing. Um And yeah, just an incredible environment to learn in.

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