Vallerie Bustamante for Mr. Abel-Pype.

May 10, 2023

Vallerie Bustamante for Mr. Abel-Pype.

Video Transcript


VALLERIE BUSTAMANTE: I want to show appreciation to my high school civics teacher, Mr Abel-Pype. He introduced me to the world of policy and systems change through introducing me to a few programs that were available for high school students here in Denver. So thank you so much Mr. Abel-Pype for giving me the opportunity to learn more about how we can, as a collective uh change the outcome of a lot of our brown and black students.

What would you say to that teacher right now?

VALLERIE BUSTAMANTE: Mr. Abel-Pype I hope you never lose the passion for teaching and that you get to see the outcome and the results of the students that you encounter and what they end up doing with their lives. And again, thank you so much for being that teacher then and awesome mentor now.

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