Emilio Torres shout out to Jamie Weinbrecht

May 08, 2023

Emilio Torres shout out to Jamie Weinbrecht

Video Transcript


EMILIO MIGUEL TORRES: For teacher appreciation week. I'm going to shout out my high school video production teacher, Jamie Weinbrecht. I am so grateful for her as a teacher. Um I met her my freshman year of high school and I told her I wanted to do video production. And so she told me to take photography and graphic design as a high schooler, which I'm really grateful that I had access to those, those classes. And then of course, when I got into video production, my junior and senior year, um she really supported me in, in becoming a, a visual storyteller and an artist and, and how to communicate my ideas through video and graphic design. And I'm so grateful because those skills that she taught me would then go on to give me the confidence and ability to pursue video production, marketing, communications as a career. And now I have a very fulfilling role here at stand um making communications and marketing content. And I would not have learned how to do all that if it wasn't for Miss Weinbrecht in high school, she taught me so much. She's a wonderful energy and cares so much about her students and she's still teaching this day and she's kicking butt and she's awesome. So, thank you, Jimmy Weinbrecht. And I just want to say I appreciate you.

What would you say to that teacher right now?

EMILIO MIGUEL TORRES: I would tell Miss Weinbrecht that she is one of the funniest and brightest energies that I've ever had as a teacher. And I probably wouldn't have survived through high school without her and, and of course, without all my other um amazing teachers, but she really was just a bright light in my day and always encouraged me to pursue um this career that I have now, which is incredible. So I would just say to you, Miss Weinbrecht, thank you for everything. Um I hope you know that you are an incredible person who's had an amazing impact on a lot of students lives both as a coach, both as a teacher. Um You or yourself are so incredibly talented as well when it comes to visual storytelling and communicating and, and all of that. And I just, I hope that you are having a great school year. I hope that you feel appreciated and I hope, you know that I appreciate you and that I'm sure there are a lot of students of yours that wouldn't be where they are today without your guidance and support and, and joy. So, thank you so much.

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