Brylea, my amazing teacher Ms. Levy

May 08, 2023

Brylea, my amazing teacher Ms. Levy

Video Transcript

Speakers: BRYLEA, 7th Grade

BRYLEA: And why out of all of my classes, my favorite teacher would have to be my English teacher and my previous creative writing teacher, Miss Levy. My favorite teacher is Ms. Levy because I feel like I can come to her about anything and she's also very good at teaching. She helps me to understand and when I don't understand, she makes me understand. Something about the way she teaches, helps everything just all the puzzle pieces just put together in my brain. Everything clicks. And I really do truly understand when she's teaching.

BRYLEA: And I also like the way that she teaches. I like how we do notes. I think notes are very efficient, especially when you have to write, read, comprehend. Usually she'll give us a combination of notes and then maybe an a puzzle and maybe a worksheet to follow to make sure that we understand. And some may say it's a lot of work, but it's really not. It's actually pretty simple. I also think that Miss Levy can be a great friend and she makes everybody feel welcomed. I think that Miss Levy is a great role model. I think that a lot of middle school students always have a lot going on and I think Miss Levy is just one of those teachers who you can come to to calm down and just be yourself. Miss Levy is really cool and everybody loves her. Miss Levy is just an overall great person in general and she's a really great teacher. She does so much and she has big dreams for her students. She doesn't just teach and think of her students as her students, her students mean so much more to her. And you can honestly see that every time she shows up for work and comes to do her job. Miss Levy is an amazing teacher and I really appreciate her personally. Miss Levy and I have had several talks and Miss Levy and I, we've always just had a connection. We, she's just one of the people who I can trust to come to and to be comfortable around. Miss Levy doesn't make me feel out of place. Miss Levy, if I need something she tells me. If I need advice on anything, she'll tell me what she can to help me even if it hurts me. And she has so much love for every student in her heart. She's a great teacher.

What would you say to that teacher right now?

BRYLEA: I would just tell her how much I appreciate her. I will tell her how she's helped me so much through everything, things that she doesn't even have to help me through. Her job as a teacher is to help me learn and to make me feel comfortable and she does all of that and way more. Ms. Levy is just a great and amazing teacher. If I was with her right now, I would just tell her how much I truly do appreciate her. How much she has honestly changed my life. As a middle schooler I know it can be tough sometimes and you feel like you have a lot on your plate. It is really hard to switch from elementary to middle school, especially when you're in seventh grade, you're in the middle and everything you do matters. Miss Levy is a great teacher and I would tell her that. I tell her that every day. I love Miss Levy. She's like another mother figure to me. And that's crazy. Miss Levy is just one of the people that I can come to, to talk about. Miss Levy is the person who can teach me, who I can actually learn from. Miss Levy is just a great person. And I would tell her that if she was here right now.

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