Diane Grzywa for Humana Member Stories

May 26, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: DianeGrzywa, Humana

Please introduce yourself, then share your experience with SimpleTherapy Inc.

DianeGrzywa: Hi I'm anne and I work for Humana. Um I've been on Simple therapy for I don't know, a couple of weeks maybe. Ryan is my health coach. And um um the three things I guess I would say that um describe their services is I find them extremely helpful stretching exercises. I find it convenient and I find it soothing. Um And what I mean by that is that um I have now I have some go to um stretching exercises to help with some intermittent pain that I have. Uh I find it convenient because I can do it at any time um when I have pain and then it's soothing because it does help take away um that shakiness that I do get from some hip pain. So um I think it's really been great for me and I will continue using the services. I'm very lucky that Humana provided that for us. So um also um I have actually recommended Simple therapy to another humana associate that I was with just this past saturday and um I was showing her how to alleviate the hip pain and um she and I did the exercise together and she was just really impressed with what um how it made her feel. So I guess that's kind of a success story. So if I can be of any help, I'll be glad to help anybody else. So I'll have a great day.

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