Alyce Watanabe for Member Stories

April 17, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: AlyceWatanabe, Diet Tech, Choc

Please introduce yourself, then share your experience with SimpleTherapy Inc.

AlyceWatanabe: my name is Alice Watanabe and I have been using SimpleTherapy for gosh, I want to stay more than three years. I um okay actually it is a work incentive for us to use simple therapy but I um I am an athlete so I came to know this program. Um I came to another program through my work but I use it because it really helps me before and after my workouts. Um I cycle a lot during the week, so typically in the morning I will get up and before I do anything I will do a simple therapy session like at four am in the morning and that gives me loosened up to start my day and then I in the afternoon before I do a workout I will probably do it again. Um but typically I will, before I go to bed at night I will do some stretching. I don't always turn on the Simple therapy app but um I am so grateful that I can um pick up my phone or get on the computer at work and if I'm feeling tension in my shoulders or my legs I mean it just doesn't matter. You pick the part of the body that's bothering you and they have the exercises to help you relieve your stress, your tension for me it helps relax me because I do tend to be tend to have some stress at work you know at home we all have stress. Um But I thoroughly swear by these exercises they have helped me tremendously um mentally, physically emotionally. Um And then you've got coaches who can help you with if you have any questions. Darla has been really a great support to me. If I have a question, I just email her and she gets back to me right away. Uh Yeah so again I am I have enjoyed this journey I I we'll continue with it because it pushes me to to stretch because I don't stretch enough. And I have really noticed the difference in my flexibility and my performance in my cycling. So yeah, so thank you very much simple therapy for uh huh, giving me this app to help with so many of my physical needs.

Choose three words that describe our services and why.

AlyceWatanabe: So I'm gonna say my three words are simple therapy anytime and why because it is so simple. Um And I forgot to say in the previous video that it's just so simple because you can do it any time and at your convenience but you also get to do it with someone by watching them and they walk you through the process so how hard can it be? Um It's much easier to work out with someone rather than alone. I feel like it's more motivating. So that's why that's that's what I think. Yeah. Mhm.

Would you recommend our services to others? Why?

AlyceWatanabe: So yes. So would I recommend your services to others most definitely. Um Especially for my coworkers because it's free and it's a free service and it works. Not everybody exercises as much as me. But I can tell you that um mentally these exercises help me get prepared for doing a ride and or really hard workout. Um I have found that I've gotten relief from doing these exercises. I sit at the desk, I sit at my desk quite a bit during during the day and I get attention up in my shoulders. So I will turn on simple therapy and do their shoulder exercises so it actually works. So. And over time if you are if you are doing it repetitive li every single day you are going to notice the difference and you're gonna feel a lot better.

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