Ryan German for Springs Law Group Testimonial Videos

May 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ryan German, Client

Why did you hire Springs Law Group?

Ryan German: After the accident, I would say anyone without a local attorney, I went ahead and turned to Google Search. And upon discovering Springs Law Group, I saw that they had a five star rating on Google reviews, as well as Yelp and Facebook. And now 14 months later into the process, I can see why they have earned that reputation with their clients.

Who worked on your case and what did you like about them?

Ryan German: Needless to say I had to write down a list because so far, people I've had correspondence with, has been Holly Jenny, Lexis Tori, Emily, Ashley, Amanda and Keith. And overall, I cannot express how friendly everyone has been making sure that I'm doing OK throughout the entire process. Really, it has just meant a lot to me. I'm always concerned when dealing with somebody in an office like this, without face-to-face. I'm always gonna be trying to find that one person that's never available. The whole team approach from Springs Law Group has really helped out.

Why would you recommend Springs Law Group to others?

Ryan German: It's their whole team approach, which I really appreciate and does mean a lot to me. They always reach out to see how I'm doing and how my treatment is going throughout this entire time frame. And it's just a lot of the extras They go that extra mile for their clients, with regards to special events, birthday card, a fantastic Christmas wreath that I did not expect to receive. But the thought was there and meant a lot. And then it's really the helpful nature that they havem with regards to posting content on YouTube, to understand the process, as well as newsletters that go out on a weekly basis. Just really those small extra touches, definitely help and make you feel like you're their top concern, which I have felt this entire time.

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