Springs Law Group Testimonial Videos

May 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jodie Roberts

Why did you hire Springs Law Group?

I originally decided to hire, Springs Law Group when I found out the injuries resulting from my car accident were worse than I expected and that they were starting to interfere with my daily life and spending time with my children, and my work, and driving. Once it got to that point, I realized that I needed some additional help and decided to seek out an attorney for an injury. I found Springs Law Group based upon the referral of a friend. And I really just couldn't have chosen anyone better.

Who worked on your case and what did you like about them?

David was the attorney on my case. He was fantastic and his staff and paralegal were just so amazing and they handled everything in a very timely manner. They were super on top of deadlines, great with communication, keeping me informed throughout the whole process and making sure that everything was easy and as smooth as it could be.

Why would you recommend Springs Law Group to others?

I recommend Springs Law Group to anyone that would ask me for an injury lawyer for an accident because they are so great with communication, so awesome to their clients, very appreciative of the business and just really don't take for granted the clientele that they bring in and they're just really such an awesome and honest law company. You can't ask for anyone better.

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