The Real Estate Roadmap - Lewis Weaver, Speaker

August 11, 2023

The Real Estate Roadmap is happening August 23rd at The Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, UT! Lewis Weaver, one of our featured speakers, will be sharing How to Close 1 Deal Every Week.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Lewis Weaver

Please briefly introduce yourself.

Lewis Weaver: Hey guys, Lewis Weaver. I actually am right here in Utah. Been doing real estate about 18 years, but I was a full time firefighter just up until September of 2019. So I the, I guess my claim for fame was a little bit. I could do 40 I think most of it was 44 deals while being a full time firefighter. Now, I run a team, a mastermind, ran my own little brokerage for a little while and I've just been loving real estate ever since.

In a few sentences, what will you be speaking about at The Real Estate Roadmap?

Lewis Weaver: So my topic is how to close a deal once every single week. And realistically, I've coached agents, I've helped myself do this. There's just a couple of things you can do a little bit different in order to always have that consistent income. But this year I actually got distracted by quite a bit and found my own income lowering. So went back to the basics, made some changes, had an epiphany and back on track to do an amazing year. So I wanna talk to you guys about how that looked for me this year and how you can implement it in your life.

What are you most looking forward to at The Real Estate Roadmap?

Lewis Weaver: I'm excited about this event because this is a hack in business and in life if you want to propel yourself forward and if you want to shrink time, so you can become successful faster. There's one easy way, proximity getting around the right people who are already doing what you want or already successful, they'll give you the keys. That's why I'm excited. I can't wait to be a student. I can't wait to learn from these people and just propel my business forward.

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