The Real Estate Roadmap - Alexander Prewitt, Speaker

August 15, 2023

The Real Estate Roadmap is happening August 23rd at The Gallivan Center in Salt Lake City, UT! Alexander Prewitt, one of our featured speakers, will be sharing all about how to Launch Your Listings.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alexander Prewitt

Please briefly introduce yourself.

Alexander Prewitt: Hey there, I'm Alexander Pruitt and born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, other than the wild crazy world of real estate, which I've been in almost 12 years now. I also love to golf. I love to cook. I love going out and trying new restaurants, spending time with friends, family and traveling. I also really love my community. I love being part of North Scottsdale and the places that we have and things to do. Now when it comes to real estate, I've been around almost 12 years. I've done everything from taking a minimum wage job when I first started to putting up signs lockboxes and taking photos to being parts of teams, to being team managers, to being team leaders, to owning my own team now. And I'm passionate about real estate, being part of the community coaching and I just, I just love to be part of this world.

In a few sentences, what will you be speaking about at The Real Estate Roadmap?

Alexander Prewitt: At this event. I'm super excited to be talking about my favorite thing in real estate, which is listings and sellers. I spent the last almost five years became, you know, obsessed with being the best listing agent in my area. In fact, over the last 24 months, I've done 446 transactions, 410 of those were sellers. Now, I did that by thinking differently, really taking a deep dive and going into what it means to go out and market a home for sale, show a home, sell a home. Now, if you don't have a current process for getting listings, crushing listing appointments and creating raving fans, you will have that after you leave this event, you and I are going to take a deep dive and we're gonna go in and become masters of listing and selling properties.

What are you most looking forward to at The Real Estate Roadmap?

Alexander Prewitt: At the real estate road map. I am so excited to hear the other speakers that we have on stage. We have amazing people coming with this line up. And I know that my favorite thing is when I go to events, I'm actually plugged in, I genuinely want to learn. I want to get better and that's what's kept me going and taking me to the top higher and higher throughout my career. I just started as an average realtor. And when I actually go to these events, I take up my notes, I put my phone away. I'm super present. So I'm stoked. I can't wait to see the lineup of other people and I'm super grateful to be part of the speaking line up. So I can't wait to soak up some knowledge and take all the stuff back and share it with my team and my community so we can all get better and we can all grow. I'm, I'm pumped, it's gonna be a great event.

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