Elizabeth McNally - Inner Circle

August 31, 2023

Elizabeth McNally shares her experiences with Spring B Coaching and being part of the Inner Circle mastermind group.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth , CEO | Team Lead, Real Estate Collective | Real Broker

Introduce yourself and tell us about your business.

Elizabeth : My name is Elizabeth mcnally and I run a real estate team in Medicine Hat Alberta. And I've been in the industry for almost 20 years.

What problem/s were you dealing with before joining Inner Circle?

Elizabeth : Having been in real estate for a number of years in our community. And then realizing that I was busy enough that I needed to bring on help. And then all of a sudden, this team started growing and realistically, I started as a single producing agent. I, I had no plans to run it as a, a business, you know, 20 years ago, it, it wasn't really a thought in my mind. And then when, you know, you realize that this is happening, but you don't really know what you're doing and you are looking for mentorship and that wasn't really something that was accessible to me or you seemed available. I, I just didn't have a lot of options or people to talk to in my direct community. And so for a few years, I just been really searching like I tried different options for coaching, hoping that that would help me. And then I, I happened to be at a conference and I just, I was listening to Spring and Justin and Mike and I just realized that these were the people like that I was really going to learn from um because they just were really real and had real problems and everybody's different. And then with the inner circle, it's even that greater community of other team leaders and business owners. And just that connection alone has just made me feel like I'm getting out of that sticky place. I've been in for so many years.

How has being part of Inner Circle resolved these challenges?

Elizabeth : Being in the inner circle has actually been really huge for me. I just felt so um secluded in my environment. I, I really, I really appreciate connecting with people in the industry that are, you know, have similar but different challenges. I'm constantly learning new things. It's right for, for me right now, I'm just emerging in little baby steps and um I feel like there's a really big shift for me on the horizon. And a lot of that I can attribute to inner circle and connecting with other people that are in the industry at different places than I am.

How has your business changed since joining Inner Circle?

Elizabeth : Uh my business has seen change since I've connected with Spring, the team inner circle. Um I, I, I feel like there's like, hope that I am going to be able to change and bring sustainability to my business that there's some longevity in what I'm doing. I was getting so burnt out and uh like, I, I didn't know what I was gonna do and now I, I have focus and goals and I'm excited about the success and change that I'm going to implement because of the inspiration and the things I'm learning.

What would you say to someone who is considering joining Inner Circle?

Elizabeth : If somebody came to me and, you know, was asking me about my opinion about inner circle and if they should consider joining it, I would say, absolutely. Um If something like this was available to me, you know, even five years ago, I would be in a completely different place. I'm so excited about the possibilities and the mentorship of people within my community, uh but also outside of my community. So it's, it's really great. Definitely, you should do it.

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