Mike Marti for TechValidate User Videos

January 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mike Marti, Customer Success Marketing Manager

Could you describe a time that TechValidate helped you?

Mike Marti: Hello everybody. My name is Mike Marti. I'm on the customer success marketing team and I'm aligned to our services departments. I help with generating awareness, demand and overall positioning of our services, including education. I was able to use TechValidate to go out to a cohort of our audience and asked them what their experience was with using some of those services. We were struggling to get testimonials and used TechValidate to help facilitate that. We were able to ask about the quality of service that our customers received. We were able to ask the value that they realized and we were able to ask them about, you know, in their own words, what they experienced. And we were then able to use some of those testimonials in blog content and other forms of content and look forward to continuing to use TechValidate in the future.

How would you describe TechValidate in three words?

Mike Marti: Easy. Resourceful. Valuable.

What benefits did you experience using TechValidate for creating customer content?

Mike Marti: Some of the benefits that we were able to experience by using TechValidate: We were able to create some great blog content. We're continuing to use it to survey other cohorts of our customers, which we look forward to using in other forms of content, such as additional blogs, infographics, perhaps e-books and in other forms, so it's a great tool to source content and I'm looking forward to continue using it.

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