Olga for Client Stories

September 23, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Olga, Creator/Entrepreneur

How did working with Laura positively impact your speaking goals?

Olga: Hi, my name is Olga. I'm a creator and entrepreneur and I took Laura's a storytelling marketing class together with a group of other women uh not too long ago and I have to say that I was absolutely blown away. Laura is a fantastic coach. I actually first um met Laura uh when I was a guest speaker on a Lauren Kane um show um about public speaking. And this encouraged me to uh take uh a group class with her uh where uh together with other women, uh we were able to take our stories um for our businesses uh for our creative projects um and really take them to the next level. Ha Laura is very authentic and very genuine and very passionate about what she does. Uh She's also um not afraid to be vulnerable and she shares her own personal story uh from where she started with a stutter and uh went from having a stutter to being an award winning uh public speaker, which is very inspiring in itself. And she has encouraged me and um all of us, all of the other women in the group to dig deeper into our personal stories where we're coming from, why we want to do what we do and how this is going to help how our personal story is going to help others so not being afraid to be vulnerable and definitely um to be authentic and creative. And I love how um personable and patient and encouraging Laura is whether you want to work with her as your personal coach, um or you want to work with her in a group like I did, Laura will help you to take your uh story to the next level. And um she is also fantastic at giving different creative um exercises. For example, I loved uh doing the Haiku challenge with Laura. It was um first time for me, I stepped out of my comfort zone and um did it and it was very inspiring as well. Definitely um opens up your mind and gives you many other ideas on to what is possible, what you can do, what you can share with your audience and how you can inspire your audience just like Laura inspired me and many other women in the group. So I highly highly recommend Laura as your storytelling and public speaking coach. Thank you.

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